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Thank you to Ernst Mosch

In 1956 Ernst Mosch founded an orchestra in the instrumentation style of Egerland with several of his fellow countrymen . On April 21, the first five tracks sounded at the midday concert on the Stuttgart radio station. On this day, the unique career of Ernst Mosch and his original Egerländer musicians began. They had continued success over the years and therefore their many golden records came as no surprise. They were the first German orchestra and in the year 1966 the original Egerländer Musicians performed at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York

In the years to come they had numerous concert performances and tours. In the beginning the music was only instrumental, however at one point Ernst decided to sing with his first flugel horn player, Franz Bummerl. As one of the founding members, Franz was along for the entire ride and was considered one of the most important and popular members of the orchestra.

Later on in the years 1971/72 the unforgetable singer Barbara Rosen joined the group. Both vocally and personally she was an excellent vocal partner for Ernst. The pair was unforgettable in their rhythmic phrasing of the vocals in many of the songs. The restrained singer was not only optically and musically accepted into the Original Egerländer Musicians, but due to her humility and extremely likable personality and charisma she also became a favorite of the audience and among her musical colleagues.

To date, the Egerländer Musicians have inspired millions of people and will continue to do so in the future by inspiring their fans as well as the the melodies of numerous musicians.

Our many thanks to Ernst Mosch, Barbara Rosen and Franz Bummerl as well as all the others who have contributed to the „Original Egerländer Musician“ experience over the years.